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so sick [Nov. 23rd, 2005|02:12 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |311]

i just want everyone to know that i am sick....and i want your pitty....i am using all my strength to write this....so cold...so hot...so congested......and thanksgiving is tomorrow....i haven't eaten in two days bc i have no appitite....i want turkey...i hope i am able to eat tomorrow...ta ta for now.
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We need to take a stand! [Nov. 16th, 2005|11:59 pm]
[mood |infuriatedinfuriated]
[music |some stuff dan is playing]

Ok everyone-
There is something that has come to my attention and it has deeply disturbed me...our dear little Nancake....has not updated her website www.nancake.com in a while. she has great pictures that she is keeping from the public...i feel that we have a right to see them...we deserve them...so for all those who feel the need to see pictures from My birthday party....(i was a super cute princess) and her birthday....(she was beautiful as usual) then take a stand....alert nan about this wrong that she still has a chance to right....lets make it right....if we work together we can make it happen. thank you for your time!

ps if you couldn't tell i have been drinking a little please don't mind the absurtity. lol
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The best birthday ever [Nov. 1st, 2005|09:55 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |jack johnson, banana pancakes]

For all those who do not know my birthday was on monday, halloween (my favorite holiday...it celebrates two of my favorite things...candy and ME!) NO seriously...Dan was the best...i got an awesome party, my best friends were there..i was a princess...and i looked HOT! ok i love dressing up i have been since i was new! but i just wanted to thank everyone for what they did this weekend...it was awesome! and yes last year my birthday was amazing! with the limo and dan visiting but this year was definetly the best ever....i got to spend the day after with dan (because he lives here now and he isn't going away again with out me EVER!) ok that is all...wish everyone had a happy halloween....ta ta!
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ok try this [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:07 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Aqualung brighter than sunshine]

This is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME and send it back to ME.


first send a blank one out to all your friends, including me, so we can return the favor to you.

Your name:

Take a stab at my middle name : ______________

Where did we meet? _____________________

How long have you known me? _________________

Do I smoke? __________________

What was your first impression of me upon meeting? ____

Color of my eyes: ________________

Do I have any siblings? ____________________

What's one of my favorite things to do? ___________________

Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?________

What's my favorite type of music? ____________________

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? __________________

What's your favorite memory of me? ______________________

Any special talents: __________________________

If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring?_________________________

Am I the kind of person that would stick up for the underdog, or bully?____________________________

My worst quality? _____________________________

Do I like Coke or Pepsi? _________________________

Am I liberal, or conservative? __________________________

Is there an evil twin living in me? _________________________

If you could change my FIRST name, what name would you chose for me? __________________________

Why do you think I was placed on this earth? ______________

Do I have a crush on you?_____________________

Whats' my fav. feature about myself?_____________
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|01:54 pm]
Candy Striper
You scored 76% Do Gooder, 69% Drive, and 64% Intellect!

(That's STRIPER, not Stripper) You are a very helpful person indeed,
always ready to lend a hand, ear, shoulder, or any other body part that
may be required. You are warm and caring, as well as resourceful and
effective. You are actually one of the best categories of human beings
on this test. You're smart, but not too smart for your own good. I
think you could benefit from some self-preservation because you are
such an unselfish giver who is willing to help at a moment's notice.
Not that that's a bad thing, just make some time for yourself now and
then. The world would benefit from more people like you.

All human being categories are: Lazy SOB, Rebel w/out a
Cause, Evil Mastermind, Henchman, Criminal, Dictator, Frat Boy,
Socialite, Philosopher, Stunt Double, Upstanding Citizen, Teacher,
Cheerleader, Sister Mary DoGood, Benefactor, Loyal Sidekick, Candy
Striper, Goody Two-Shoes.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 84% on Do Gooder
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You scored higher than 88% on Drive
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You scored higher than 45% on Intellect
Link: The What Type of Human Are You? Test written by weeredIII on Ok Cupid
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high in agawam [Sep. 5th, 2005|01:22 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]

i am so happy now that dan is home. I have been in agawam for about almost a week. it is awesome. I do miss my bed and stuff but i would gladly trade that in for a few more minutes with dan. And i got it....a few more minutes..he is home FOREVER and he said that he wouldn't leave again without me. it makes me happy. sorry if this entry is hard to follow i am just really stoned i am taking vikodin (sp) for my teeth and it is all good. going to nan and brians place tonight to check out their new love nest. ok bye. i wish i could chew.
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Dan is home yippie skippy! [Sep. 2nd, 2005|11:59 am]
[mood |highhigh]
[music |brighter than sunshine: aqualung]

Ok so yesterday i had my wisdom teeth removed...all 4! the surgery went fine i was put under anesthesia. dave is a hero and drove me and took care of me and then dans mom took care of me and then at 7 oclock dan and his dad came home. So hip hip horray! he is home forver! i am happy cant really say much else i am taking vickodin and i am out of it. later
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I expect presents...just kidding...no seriously! [Aug. 31st, 2005|10:39 am]

I can't wait. Halloween decorations are being sold now and that always gives me a happy feeling inside because that means my birthday is near! Woo Hoo. It is the little things that make me happy.
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i am the fourth born that is funny! [Aug. 31st, 2005|10:34 am]
You Are Likely A Forth Born

At your darkest moments, you feel angry.
At work and school, you do best when your analyzing.
When you love someone, you tend to be very giving.

In friendship, you don't take the initiative in reaching out.
Your ideal jobs are: factory jobs, comedy, and dentistry.
You will leave your mark on the world with your own personal philosophy.

I know i am a dork for doing such a lame quiz, but I am the fourth born. It is cool.
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The one thing that is keeping me from going crazy [Aug. 11th, 2005|11:50 pm]

Ok so Dan comes home soon I can't wait....
My summer class is awesome but I have NO free time....
But everything is ok I guess....just bogged down with work and stuff...
Just counting the days until dan comes home 19 (i know the tape says 20 but i don't count today)
I am so excited...in just a matter of weeks he will be home FOREVER..no more long distance bull shit,
no more missing him....I can finally get a hug whenever i want....he will always be here at my convenience.
I am so excited.....ok I was kinda feeling down, but now I am so excited.
Oh today I got new glasses....they are awesome...about a dozen people have commented me on my marvelous eyes and how the glasses acentuate them. Ok feeling better. thats all for now....until next time
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